Match Play Tournament
Rey Singson
Memorial Match Play

Mabuhay Golf Club  Match Play Tournament Rules for 2018

Eligible Participants: Current members of the club with established NCGA handicap
prior to the scheduled 1st round of the Match play tournament are eligible to participate.

Pairing Selection: The 2018 MGC Match Play Tournament will consist of 32 players  
and eligible participants will be assigned a match. Winners of each match will compete
for the quarters, semis and final match play. Participants will be seeded based on their
handicaps and match play pairings will be pit low seed players against high seed
players. See attached
Pairings Grid for the outline of the match pairings.

Handicap Adjustment:  Handicaps used during the match play will be 80% of the
course adjusted tournament handicap assigned to each player by the MGC VP of
Handicap (John Warren).  New members without an established NCGA handicap index
are not be eligible to participate in the Match Play. For those playing a re-scheduled
match, please check with Tony Sy for the match play adjusted handicap on re-
scheduled matches.

Applying Handicap Strokes During Match Play: 80% of the player’s Adjusted
Course Handicap will be used to determine the number of strokes a player will
give/receive during match play against his/her opponent. For example, Player 1
adjusted course handicap at 80% is 8 and Player 2 adjusted course handicap is 12,
player 1 gives player 2 four (4) strokes during their match. Player 2 gets 1 “pop” or a
stroke on handicap holes 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Match Play coordinator will distribute a
separate Match Play scorecard highlighting the holes where the player will give or
receive a stroke.

Tiebreakers: If the match is tied after the 18th hole, a count back will be applied to
determine the winner, starting from the easiest handicap hole which is the 18th
handicap hole (i.e., player 1 scores a bogey and player 2 scores a par on the 18th
handicap hole, player 2 wins the hole assuming player 1 does not get a stroke on the
18th handicap hole). In the event where both players net scores are tied on the 18th
handicap hole, the tie breaker will be decided on the 17th handicap hole, and so on.

Re-Scheduled Matches:  If player 1 is unable to meet with player 2 and player 2 is
playing at the scheduled MGC Match Play Tournament date, player 1 defaults the
match unless player 2 agrees to re-schedule their match.  Re-scheduled matches must
be completed 5 days before the next scheduled MGC Tournament / Match Play
Tournament. If Player 1 re-schedules match with Player 2, player 1 may be held
responsible to pay the green / cart fees at the re-scheduled location.  Failure to re-
schedule the match before the deadline will result in an automatic default by Player 1.  
All re-scheduled matches may be played at the same golf course the scheduled
tournament was held at (subject to change in course venue with both parties in
agreement). All re-scheduled matches should be witnessed by at least one active MGC
member. Result of the match must be submitted to the Match Play Chairperson by
either player or the attending witness prior to the next MGC Tournament. Failure to
comply will automatically result in a default of player 1. If both players are unable to
play during their scheduled match and were unable to re-schedule their match within
the above mentioned timeframe, both players default and cannot advance to the next

Determining Who Gets a “Bye” on Advancing Players: In the event where the
players advancing to the next round of match play resulted in an odd number of
matches, an advancing player in each division may be awarded a bye and advance to
the next round. The advancing match play competitor in each division with the lowest
net score during the scheduled tournament and is an advancing match play participant
will receive the bye for the next round.

Scoring Errors:  A separate scorecard for each player will be provided for the Match
Play Tournament.  Players must track their match play score separately from the
regular tournament scorecard.  Match Play score cards will be matched with the
Tournament score cards for consistency.  Any discrepancy or inquiries to the score
under the match play scorecard will be adjusted using the tournament scores
submitted.  A disqualified player from the regular tournament automatically loses in
match play.