2019 PAL Interclub Golf
Philippine Airlines
Interclub Golf

Alta Vista G&CC
Club Filipino G&CC
Mactan Island GC
Cebu G&CC

2/24/19 - 3/2/19

3/3/19 - 3/9/19


Gerry Sy

Tony Limgenco

John Warren

Team Mabuhay

Team Skywest

Team Stanford

Team Washington
The PAL Interclub : A Philippine Golfing Tradition

Founded more than 50 years ago, the Philippine Airlines      
Interclub is the country's oldest, largest and most prestigious
golf team competition - widely acknowledged as the national
clubs championship of the Philippines.

The PAL Interclub's stature derives from two factors : the high
level of competion - it is a showcase for the country's best
golfing talent - and the strong team spirit and fellowship among
its players.

From the start, the PAL Interclub has been about gathering
golf aficionados from across the country and overseas for an
annual reunion, where they could renew old friendships and
gain new ones. Participants return year after year, not so much
as to win the championship - though that is a principal goal -
but to bask in the warmth of fellowship and tradition.

There are no grand prizes in the PAL Interclub. There is only
the knowledge and honor that one has competed with some of
the best golfers in the land. This, plus the remarkable
camaraderie among its players and its hallowed history of over
50 years, has imbued the PAL Interclub with a unique
character and made it an enduring institution of Philippine golf.

Today, the tournament looks ahead to its next 50 years with
certitude of a seasoned golf professional, proud of its past and
confident of its future.

A PAL Interclub Story

Early in 1947, Mr. Leopoldo Rovira, then Assistant Traffic and
Sales Manager of PAL, arrived in Cebu city on one of his
inspection trips. That night on the day of his arrival, Major
Ramon Zosa, who was the Cebu station manager, rounded up
a group of Mr. Rovira's intimate friends for a get-together
party. Among those who showed up were Mr. Buenaventura
Veloso, then the personnel manager of PAL and Mr. Ben
Gaston of Bacolod City, then a personal friend of Col. Andres

Mr. Rovira first broached the idea of bringing together golfers
from all over the Philippines to compete in an annual interclub
tournament. He explained, with fiery conviction, that such a
tournament would go a long way in promoting the spirit of
camaraderie among golfers. PAL accepted the idea and "PAL
Trophy" worth US$1000.00 was bought from the United States.

The first Interclub tournament was held in 1948 at Wack-Wack
Golf and Country Club. The Wackers, victorious, won the
distinction of being the first possessor of the prestigious
trophy. Since then, only six teams have held the PAL trophy in
23 years.